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In the Gamekeeping and Shooting business? Then you should be advertising on GameandShoot.

With parallels to our sister site we are able to provide a fast, efficient service which reaches far and wide across the UK, Europe and further.

You would reach our many affluent visitors who enjoy purchasing high quality high end equipment, clothing and services.

With an audience already in place via our sister Equestrian site, we have a incredible reach into country society and people who love the outdoors and all the pursuits associated with living in the countryside.

With an already well established reputation in the equestrian world - our brand naturally crosses over into the the world of Gamekeeping and Shooting with a welcoming audience of thousands throughout the UK and worldwide.

It's a sure fire and quick way to get serious interest directed to your job advert in one click.

No lead times. Simply create a business account online, enter the text of your ad, pay online and the ad will appear on the site within minutes. Our Advert Management System gives you full control over your ads. Make changes to your ad at any time and see the number of page impressions and clicks to your ad.

Choice of Business Ads

Listed below are the 5 types of business ads you can choose from depending on your budget and the amount of exposure you want your ad to have. An example of each type of advert appears on this page either along the top or down the sides of the page. You can choose the term of your ad from either 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month or 3 months:

  • Text Only Advert
  • Mini Advert
  • Standard Advert
  • Banner Advert
  • Hi-Rise Advert

Business Ad Targeting

You can target your ad to site visitors from a specific continent or choice of countries and choose which sections of the GameandShoot website you'd like your ad to appear on and your account keeps a track of how many views and clicks your ad has received.

Prices for All Budgets

Choose the Business Ad and term that suits your budget. There are 5 types of Business Ad to choose from and 4 terms from 1 week to 3 months.

1 week 2 weeks 1 month 3 months
Text Only Advert: $50 (USD) $90 (USD) $150 (USD) $420 (USD)
Mini Advert: $70 (USD) $126 (USD) $210 (USD) $588 (USD)
Standard Advert: $80 (USD) $144 (USD) $240 (USD) $672 (USD)
Banner Advert: $100 (USD) $180 (USD) $300 (USD) $840 (USD)
Hi-Rise Advert: $200 (USD) $360 (USD) $600 (USD) $1,680 (USD)

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